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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries

Official Festival Reports

Meet Matt & Kris

Liza Bear

Day One: Arrival and Orientation
Day Two: In Line With Ebert
Day Three: Redford Sighting?
Day Seven: Distribution Deals in the Works

Gill Holland

Day One: Arrival
Day Two: Pre-Premiere Jitters
Day Three: Party Crashing
Day Four: Dealing
Days 5 & 6 Seem to have been Misplaced...
Day Seven: A Party of our Own
Day Eight: 70's and 80's Nostalgia
Day Nine: Awards

Matt & Kris

Arrival According to Kris
Kris Goes Wheeling and Dealing
Kris Tries to Define His Role
Arrival According to Matt
Matt on the Golden Globes

R.J. Millard

Why Sundance?
The Process, The Awards
Two Artists To Be Honored at '97 Festival
Park City: Parking Your Body (and Getting It) There
Here's the Ticket on the Tickets

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