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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Park City: Parking Your Body (and Getting It) There

by R.J. Millard

November 20, 1996

If you are planning to attend Sundance this year, you need to start thinking about making preparations now. Even though the films have not been announced yet, lodging, flights and transportation accommodations are being booked up quickly. It's pretty tough to find a room in mid-January. Here is some basic information:

Flights: Delta Airlines is a sponsor of the Festival and is offering special rates for guests of Sundance. Contact them at (800) 241-6760 and refer to file number V0410. The closest airport is Salt Lake International Airport. Most major domestic airlines serve this airport.

Ground Transportation: Many individuals choose not to rent a car while at Sundance, both to avoid the trouble of parking and because dealing with the snow can be more adventure than they are seeking. Last year, for example, there was often a foot of snow a day during the Festival, and if you rented a condo without a garage, as did a couple of Film Scouts, you had some shovelling to do even just to find your car, not to speak of moving it. Renting a four-wheel-drive is highly recommended, but these vehicles are grabbed early and you should reserve one now. The major national car rental agencies all operate out of the airport. If you don't have wheels, Park City provides continuous shuttle service to all theaters and events, and there are taxis. The town is not very big, so you can walk to places also - if the snow isn't so deep as to require snowshoes.

Rocky Mountain Super Express provides round-trip shuttle service from Salt Lake City Airport to Park City. They advise calling ahead for reservations at (800) 397-0773.

Lodging: Park City is an historic old mining town and, to preserve its character, zoning laws prohibit high-rises or those new strip-mall-esque 'Inns'. Most of the accommodations in town are condominiums or 2-6 storey hotels. These are all being quickly booked. If you like skiing (or just watching) there are a few hotels right at the bottom of the slopes. Here are some numbers to call:

Park City Reservations - 800-453-5789
Deer Valley Lodging - 800-453-3833
Park City Resort Lodging - 800-545-7669
Inn at Prospector Square - 800-453-3812
Radisson Hotel - 800-333-3333
Yarrow Hotel - 800-327-2332
David Holland's Resort Lodging & Conference Services - 888-Park-City

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