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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Two Artists To Be Honored at '97 Festival

by R.J. Millard

The 1997 Sundance Film Festival will award Tim Robbins the Piper-Heidsieck Tribute to Independent Vision and will pay special tribute to Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

The Piper-Heidsieck Award is given to a film artist who speaks with an original voice and whose work embodies the spirit of independent filmmaking. Tim Robbins' depth and insight are evidenced through his roles in such films as "Jacob's Ladder," "The Shawshank Redemption," and "The Player." Most recently, Tim Robbins added to his credits with his directorial debut, "Dead Man Walking." The award will be presented at the '97 Festival (Jan 16-26) in Park City, Utah, following a program of retrospective clips.

A Special Tribute to Rainer Werner Fassbinder will span this year's festival. German-born director-producer-editor R.W. Fassbinder was one of the most prolific and talented German directors, making 40 films in 13 years. A sample of his filmography includes such classics as "The Merchant of Four Seasons," "Ali - Fear Eats The Soul," "Despair," "Lola," and his last film, "Querelle." The tribute will consist of newly-restored 35mm prints and is presented in association with the Museum of Modern Art and the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation.

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