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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Kris Goes Wheeling and Dealing

by Matt & Kris

Christopher Grunden, our associate producer, arrived today; along with sales agent Patrick Gunn. It feels good to have the team in place supporting the project. We put our posters up all over town. Hopefully they'll stay up.

I've been sleeping in the bathroom lately. Everyone staying in the room either snores or breathes too heavily. I need a little quiet when I sleep. Though last night my leg got stuck between the wall and the toilet. It caused some painful nightmares and I woke up with a streak of gray hair.

The parties are decent. Lots of other filmmakers -- some are cool, some are jerks. I'm just here for the girls, frankly.

First screening tonight. A little nervous since a lot of the short program screenings have had major projection problems. You would think a place like Sundance would have a better hold on what really matters here - exhibition.

Matt and I closed a deal with Hanna Barbara late last night out on the street. We'll executive produce a cartoon based on the Man About Town character. Casey Kasem will do the voice of the Man. Pretty good. Also, Harry Hamlin approached Matt and I. He loved the short. He's producing a TV version of CLASH OF THE TITIANS for syndication and wants us on board. Matt will wear the cape of Perseus, the role that made Harry an action/adventure jewel. I'll direct the first 13 episodes and make a cameo as Jesus.

First screening went extremely well. Master of ceremonies BOB HAWK introduced the film. Mr. Hawk is a unique personality with a great reputation in the film festival world. I'm very happy to have met his acquaintance. Our film played first to a packed audience who embraced the film. Both Matt and I couldn't have been happier.

I fell in love with four women yesterday.

Word on Main Street is Sandra Bullock has mysteriously disappeared from the festival. Funny, cause Matt has too.

Breakfast at Redford's restaurant ZOOM. The food is good, and both Matt and I eat much. Redford has style; the bathrooms are huge, but are only for one person at a time. I should try to sleep in them sometime.

All our posters are down. Matt being the half full guy that he is, says "Maybe they stole em' to sell em'"

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