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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Arrival According to Kris

by Matt & Kris

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

I'm on the plane. It's 7:50am I've eaten way too much in the two hours I've been up. Eggs, milk, cheese, Doritos, a yogurt, a water, a Blondie, turkey with all the fixin's, Tostitoes, some type of synthetic fruit, trail mix, and a half a can of beer. I guess you could say I'm little nervous.

Matt has been sleeping on the plane. He has a nasty habit of snoring. I occasionlly bump his chair -- hard.

We arrived in Salt Lake City and were greeted by actor Mark Hamill. Since we're going through a STARS WARS renaissance, Matt and I were thrilled with this. Mark, it turned out, was our shuttle driver. He lectured us on the movie business as we rode into Park City in his land speeder, paying $40 between us. We land in our room at the Inn at Prospector Square and feel relief, followed by fear -- "How are we going to fit 79 people in here?!" Oops.

Our first guest - Paul Colangelo, the director of photography, arrives. We go to celebrate over Baseball steak and cheese based salad (which was very good, but pretty damn peculiar). We then go to a very bad bar and drink. Matt tells me I look like Dean Martin before he died. Jerk.

We crashed the volunteers party. It was great. All the Sundance staff are really cool. I feel at home with them. I even asked a few of the female staff to marry me (just during the festival of course).

Fellow filmmaker Jay Chandras (PUDDLECRUISER) lets us share his cab home. I've known Jay for a few years (not very well though), but feel good that I know another New York filmmaker.

The days ahead will start the festival. I don't have many tickets, but plan on trying to meet people and visit the hospitality suite as much as possible. I also want to meet girls. Girls. Definitely. And coffee. I'm going to drink lots of coffee. And wine. I will have wine too.

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