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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Nine: Awards

by Gill Holland

On Saturday we all slept late, went uptown, which was kind of spooky since a lot of people seemed to have written off this year's Sundance as a mediocre festival, and the streets were eerily empty in comparison to what they had been the days before. Our last screening was at 3:30, and then the awards ceremony started at 7, and once again I was at the door trying to get admitted all the 19 "Hurricane" people in Sundance that were with the movie, little knowing that they were letting us all in for once this time since we were on our way to winning three of the seven prizes given to feature films, an unprecedented feat in the history of Sundance. Quique won for best cinematography, and that was probably one of the great moments of my life; awards so often are politicized and unfair, and the only thing I was sure about was that Quique deserved to win this prize. Whether or not Morgan deserved best Director, I dunno, but I love the fact that the audience prize for best film (shared with "love jones") was based on straight audience voting and therefore couldn't be questioned. It was a crazy night. I guess it was something like getting an Oscar, except I was wearing a "Hurricane" tee-shirt and jeans instead of a tux. I made the mistake at one point in the acceptance speech of shielding my eyes from the lights to look at the faces of the audience, and then realized that there were thousands of people out there, and I got nervous and had to sit down. Or as Morgan said in his speech, "I don't know what to do now, I am freaking out, I think I'll go sit down."

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