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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Eight: 70's and 80's Nostalgia

by Gill Holland

Friday went to Roger Ebert's book signing and chatted with Cyndi Stivers, editor of Time Out went to see "100 Proof" with Quique, then back to the pad where "Pretty in Pink" segued into "Breakfast Club" and on another channel "Grease" was on at the same time, so that was a fun hour, flipping back and forth between singing "Grease" songs, and watching Ally Sheedy, and feeling slightly old that the first time I saw "Grease" was in a drive in theater when it first came out. Then we went to the Yarrow for our screening at 10:30 pm, Janet Maslin showed up 20 minutes late so I hope she doesn't dis the film. We had a good question and answer period, then went to the Three Arts party with Morgan and his friends from home and Kristine Kew, an actress from LA, the "Puddlecruiser" guys were there, then home down the windy crazy snowy roads. Too bad we missed the Cheap Trick show, but I guess you cannot do everything.

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