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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Seven: A Party of our Own

by Gill Holland

On Thursday I did interviews with Canal Plus in French, hung out in the apartment before the screening with Good Morning America, we had our big Egyptian screening at 10 PM (there was a slight mess-up at the beginning when they forget to turn the sound on), then we crashed the "Lost Highway" party with the GMA crew, ran into Michael Stipe on the way in, we chatted a little bit about "Shoot That Clown" and he asked me to send him the script, re-introduced him to Brendan who invited him to our "after-party," hung out with Jon Cryer ... our party turned into quite an event, GMA interviewing Morgan in the kitchen while David Arquette, Summer Phoenix, Alex Winter ("Freaked") and Stipe milled about.

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