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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Meet Matt & Kris

Meet Matt Gunn and Kris Isacsson. They are two young filmmakers with their own small production company (Kitchen Table Pictures, the name says it all), which just made their first film, a short entitled "Man About Town," in which Gunn narrates his way through one final night of drinking. "Man About Town" has been selected as one of 32 short films to be featured in Sundance's Shorts program.

In this era of major studios entering films into the theoretically indy-only domain of Sundance, Film Scouts is taking the opportunity this year to track the progress of two first time filmmakers as they premiere their film at a major industry event.

Over the course of the festival, Film Scouts will be featuring diaries from Matt & Kris, telling of their experiences of mixing with (or perhaps being snubbed by) some of the biggest names in film. Film Scouts will also have some video reports and interviews by our own resident independent filmmakers as a supplement to our usual festival coverage.

As the festival gets underway, look here for reports from Matt & Kris On The Slopes.

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