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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Four: Dealing

by Gill Holland

Monday, Morgan and Brendan had interviews for some online stuff, then we did the Sundance interview in bed with hostess Laurie, which was funny, and then we lunched at the chalet, took Jose Zuniga and Brendan to Mayra's for the Filmscouts interview, went to a Northwest airlines party at the mercato, chatted with director John O'hara ("Wonderland") who is getting good buzz. Then I went to the press screening at the Yarrow, met with the Beyond Films people who think their film "Blackrock" and "Hurricane" are the two best films at the festival but I don't think they have the cash to buy it, LA Weekly film editor extraordinaire Manohla Dargis enthused after the screening, calling it the "best film I have seen so far" then dined with Peeler, Byck and "Hurricane" genius cinematographer Quique Chediak, introduced them to Geoff Gilmour, swung by the pad, went to Grappa for the Lakeshore party, ran into Liev Schreiber ("Walking and Talking," "Ransom"), Dermot Mulroney ("Kansas City"), Molly Parker from "Kissed," our sales agent and producer's rep Cassian Elwes said we are close to closing a 7 figure deal for foreign rights, chatted with Hollywood producer Cottie Chubb, then went to the Wasatch Brew Pub to see Burris, and went home in the car with photographer Robert Baldridge.

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