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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Three: Party Crashing

by Gill Holland

The next morning, I guess today is Sunday. The screening went fantastically, but it took about thirty minutes to seat everyone and some people were saying that it was the most crowded trying to get in (Who concert-esque) that any film had ever been in the history of Sundance. I don't know about that, but all the buyers were there, I was standing in the back before the screening , business cards were flying around, and we almost couldn't get our star and supporting actor Jose Zuniga into the screening. People seemed to get most of the jokes in the film and it was actually interesting to see which ones they got and which they didn't, contrary to our previous thinking. Afterwards there was a nice Q&A with Morgan and people applauded a lot, and then we got kicked out of the theatre because there was another film to screen. So we went to Zoom for a drink, Tim Roth came over and gave Kit a big hug and invited us to the "Gridlock'd" party that night in the Stein Erickson Lodge way up in Deer Valley. Then to the River Horse for dinner, where I ran into actress friend Laurel Holloman (with two films at Sundance: "Myth of Fingerprints," "Prefontaine" and star of "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love") who introduced me to Steve James (director of "Hoop Dreams" and "Prefontaine"). Peter Byck, director of the low-budget cult classic "Garbage" was there and director Dave Burris ("Shoot that Clown"). We had drinks and the River Horse restaurant people kept saying "you have ten minutes to wait, you don't want to wait, you can leave" and after an hour and a half of waiting for a reservation that we had made for 16 people two months earlier, we were basically thrown out by the seemingly drunk, but in any case extremely rude owner who told Morgan's mother to "get f***ed" and he looked like he was going to hit her, saying "you should have raised your kid better," calling Brendan some kind of schmuck because he was dancing around out on the terrace in the cold with the smokers and other patient clients. The owner had seen us from the warm table where he was eating (I guess if you own the restaurant you are not so concerned with possible customers getting tables) and stormed out. I was in the back and missed most of the action, but we all ended up at the Claim Jumper and had a nice dinner. Coincidentally, I noticed that there were a lot of Hurricane stickers covering up the restaurant's menu at the end of the night, so I guess we should stop giving stickers out if people are going to tag irresponsibly..;) Then we went off to the "Gridlock'd" party which we arrived at too late, had a drink in the lounge, then were herded in a literal gridlock, not being able to get in, so we snuck in through the kitchen, telling the cook we were with Tim Roth, and then of course thirty minutes later they let everybody in and the place became unbearable. Told Stewart Copeland I saw the first North American Police concert ever, and decided when Emilio Estevez was the biggest star there, it was time to leave. Got some calls on the way down the mountain, so went to the "Prefontaine" party. Jared Harris ("I Shot Andy Warhol") had just arrived so he came by and the took a taxi home.

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