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1997 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Day Two: Pre-Premiere Jitters

by Gill Holland

Saturday: Now it is one hour before the world premiere and we are freaking out, Morgan has gone downstairs to meditate I guess, Brendan is writing in a journal, or maybe it is a letter, and Kit is pacing. Tom LeGoff, the still photographer on the "Hurricane" set arrived an hour ago and is taking pictures for Entertainment Weekly. He is family at this point, also having had a small role in the film. We are just hoping that they have all five reels in order and there are no technical screwups; at this point, we have done our best and should let god do the rest. With Godard, sometimes it doesn't matter if all the reels are in order or not, but in "Hurricane" it is crucial. Showing the film for the first time is like baring our souls for all to see. I guess I should write something about the filmmakers brunch hosted by Robert Redford up at the Sundance Resort where I got to meet Sally Field (I loved her in "Smoky and the Bandit") and talk to Julianne Moore, and introduce Brendan to Geoff Gilmore and Lindsay Law, head of Fox Searchlight, and the Italian filmmaker Antonio Tebaldi and the stars of his film "Running Against," (minus my girlfriend Stefania Rocca who is the female lead in the film and who rocks). Or about convincing some local guy to drive all of us back to Park City, or the deer that was hit in the car before us on the way there and the traumatized little girls who were sure that their parents had just killed Bambi, but I have to walk up to the Library Center and see what the deal is and see how many people are going to see our film, and what the general atmosphere is, I think I will have to say that this will be my proudest, but most nervous moment just because so much could go wrong, and there have been tales of screenings being messed up and late, and I don't want to think about it. Here goes, wish us luck, peace...

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