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1998 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Solar Samba, Day 2

by Jerry (the usher)

Guess whom I met today! That's a picture of me and Robert Redford. Well, I know it's a little indistinct, but it was snowing pretty bad... But I've been running around, making contacts, and I've found the nerve to walk right up to some famous people and introduce myself. Well, it's probably pretty useless, but you never know.

Anyway, I've been noticing that besides the people like me, this place is populated by young film business types, the ones who've been subscribing to Variety since it went glossy (they couldn't stand to read the messy old newsprint version). It's quite apparent that Army Archerd's column is about the extent of their real knowledge of what's going on - they pepper casual conversations with such out-of-vogue Varietyspeak as "helmers" and "boffo box office." It was in Variety, or more likely on "Access Hollywood," that these types first heard about the Sundance Film Festival, and then only after Smith and Tarantino (who got their starts here) got famous. These types hope they'll discover the next "hot one" and then be along for the ride. A couple phone calls here, a few business cards there and they're "in the business." And of course they brought their skis too.

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