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1998 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Solar Samba, Day 1

by Jerry (the usher)

Well I made it to Sundance. This is pretty cool (cold too). My first time at Sundance, and in fact west of the Mississippi. That's me recording my first trip up the chairlift. The mountains sho' are real purty, pardner. On the drive here I saw a real cowboy too, even though he was riding a snowmobile and not a horse.

Anyway, my first impression is that Sundance is the kind of a place where someone like me could actually make some useful contacts. It seems it's not as difficult to penetrate as Cannes, for example, where one can just feel so completely left out. There's more of my kind of people here. But that's a problem too. There are so many young film geeks with dreams of becoming the next Kevin Smith or Quentin Tarantino. We've all got our plans to make it in this business. We go to film school. We're resilient, we don't care that our screenplay gets rejected five times for "lacking any creative vision whatsoever." But how many of us will actually get anywhere?

I'll write again soon, this altitude is killing me, I've got a splitting headache. I think I overdid it on the mountain today.

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