Hi, welcome to the Film Scouts ski-speak language course, offered to coincide with the Sundance Film Festival. You don't want to have to admit publicly that you've never been to Sundance, so we are providing some phrases to help you slalom your way through those casual social situations.

Last year I stayed at the Stein, this year I've got a condo at Deer Valley.
Remarks: The Stein Eriksen is the top hotel, you should have a pretty good reason to not be staying there. Deer Valley is ski central, but you'll need a tan to pull this off.

I'll be at Park City at Midnight tonight. I've been seeing too much snow, I got to see some movies.
Remarks: The late show, at the Egyptian Theater, is where to go if you're cinema-starved, or maybe just partied out, and require some dark solitude or an antidote for snow-blindness.

I'd love to discuss the deal with you but my agent's out on the slopes.
Remarks: Good, especially if you don't actually have an agent (he could break his leg if they get too persistent).

I'm working with the gang from Apple at the New Media Center, we've got some great stuff cooking but I can't really talk about it.
Remarks: If you aren't actually in film, this is maybe the next best thing, and since everyone in the new media business is paranoid that somebody else will steal their idea, this is a good way to appear artistic without having to make up a whole mess of lies.

My fast pass was in my parka, it must have fallen out on the slopes somewhere. I had to get an express pass to see me through the rest of the week.
Remarks: The fast pass is valid for the whole festival (10 days), the express only for 5. You should have an excuse if you're whipping out an express pass.

My ankle was really bothering me this morning, I skipped the breakfast group.
The breakfast discussion panels are a Sundance mainstay, you should at least know they exist even if you don't get up before noon.

I'm still working on my screenplay. I'm going to Santiago in March.
Remarks: Santiago, Chile, is host to a screenwriter's lab run by the Sundance Institute. You don't actually have to go, of course, or ever finish your screenplay either, for that matter.

Are you going to Guadalajara? I'd love to but I'm pretty sure we'll be shooting by then.
Remarks: You always have work in a line about shooting your movie, it's expected. There's another screenwriter's workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico, in November. If you're good at name-dropping you could also mention Tokyo and Beijing, where Sundance is to re-run the festival later in the year.

I'm sorry I missed it, I was out schussing the back bowls.
Remarks: At Deer Valley, that is, and not for novices. Being a ski nut is an acceptable excuse for not having seen something you should have. Again, a tan (or at least a sunburn) is required to use this line.

Jeez, I don't think I can make the awards, the doc said that if I don't keep off this knee and keep it elevated, I'll have trouble with it for the rest of my life.
Remarks: Everybody who is anybody goes to the awards party. If you aren't going to show (like because you can't get in), you'd better have a real solid reason.

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