Film Ratings Proposal

In the interest of conserving bandwidth, Film Scouts would like to propose an expansion of film rating acronyms, to include editorial opinion not offered by the official MPAA "G", "PG", "NC-17", etc. Here are a few proposals, which (if approved) could start turning up in our reviews. We would love to have comments and suggestions from readers to refine and further define this concept.

    SCTJ: Shamelessly Calculating Tear Jerker

    WU: Witty and Urbane

    WWSDI: Wouldn't Watch [this if I were] Stranded on a Desert Isle

    UH: Unintentionally Hilarious

    TMGV (TMGN, TMGFL): Too Much Gratuitous Violence (Too Much Gratuitous Nudity, Too Much Gratuitous Filthy Language)

    SMT (IMT): Superior Mindless Trash (Inferior Mindless Trash)

    NPAA: No Plot At All

    GALV: Great Acting, Lousy Vehicle

    TMTOBB: They Made This One Before, Better

    CD: [You might go for this but only if you are a sucker for anything about] Children and Dogs

    RBI (GBLM): Read the Book Instead (Great Book, Lousy Movie)

    LTIC: Laughed 'Til I Cried

    MM: Mushy, Mushy

    MMMM: Mushy, Mushy, Mushy, Mushy

    GG (and GGG, GGGG, etc.): Gory, Gory

    CBTAMTP: [I] Can't Believe They Actually Made This Picture

    GSBV: Get Stoned Before Viewing

    STV: Straight To Video

    ZBF: Zero Believability Factor

    ATB (ATW): All-Time Best (All-Time Worst)

    PCLP: Panned by the Critics, Loved by the Public

    DWYM: Don't Waste Your Money

    NWIEIYSI: Not Worth It Even If You Sneak In

Please add your own: the best will be posted as an update.
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