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Danny Elfman
1997 Oscar Nominee: Best Dramatic Score for "Good Will Hunting"
1997 Oscar Nominee: Best Musical or Comedy Score for "Men in Black"

"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views, QuickTime:
"Will Hunting" on "Good Will Hunting" (1.5mb)
"Future of Music" on "Good Will Hunting" (2.8mb)

Film Reviews:
Dead Presidents by Henri Béhar
Dead Presidents by Eleanor Ringel
Freeway by Leslie Rigoulot
The Frighteners by Karen Jaehne
Mars Attacks! by Leslie Rigoulot
Men in Black by Richard Schwartz
Mission Impossible by Leslie Rigoulot
A Simple Plan by Jason Gorber
A Simple Plan by Karen Jaehne
To Die For by Eleanor Ringel

Partial Filmography:
Big Fish
Dead Presidents
Extreme Measures
The Frighteners
Good Will Hunting
Mars Attacks!
Men in Black
Mission Impossible
A Simple Plan
To Die For

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