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Nathan Lane

"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)view, RealVideo:
On "Mouse Hunt" as 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.

"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views, QuickTime:
"Sort of Debut" on "Mouse Hunt" (0.7mb)
"Mummenschanz" on "Mouse Hunt" (1.0mb)
"Early Influences" on "Mouse Hunt" (0.9mb)
"Not So Lovable" on "Mouse Hunt" (1.3mb)
"Many Mice" on "Mouse Hunt" (1.6mb)
"Repeating the Jokes" on "Mouse Hunt" (1.0mb)
"Clothed Animals" on "Mouse Hunt" (1.2mb)

Partial Filmography:
Love's Labour's Lost
Mouse Hunt
The Producers
Titan A.E.

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