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Selection 1: Movie Matinees
Band of Robbers (Theater 4R)
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (Theater 5R)
Carol (Theater 7R)
Everybody Wants Some (Theater 9R)
Fifty Shades of Black (Theater 4L)
Joy (Theater 12L)
Misconduct (Theater 8L)
Norm of the North (Theater 5L)
Rolling Papers (Theater 12R)
The 5th Wave (Theater 11L)
The Big Short (Theater 11R)
The Forest (Theater 2R)
The Hateful Eight (Theater 8R)
The Revenant (Theater 2L)
More Films: Reference Library Film Vault (Theater 6R)

Selection 2: Film Festivals & Special Events
2003 Cannes Film Festival (Theater 10R)
2015 Torino Film Festival (Theater 10L)
More Festivals: Reference Library Festival Archives (Theater 6R)

Selection 3: Fly-In Theater (Science Fact & Fiction)
The Arthur C. Clarke Fly-In Theater

Selection 4: The Observatory
palm-reading resident soothsayer (Theater 7L)

Selection 5: Press Room
reviews, interviews, comment (Theater 3L)

Selection 6: Caught in the Web
video inter(net)views with M. L. Riesman (Theater 3R)

Selection 7: Lecture Room (Humor)
Today: Film Scouts Language Lab (Theater 6L)

Selection 8: Meeting Room (Interactive)
The Film Scouts Bulletin Board (Theater 9L)

Selection 9: Multimedia Room
The Film Scouts Media Lab: Multimedia Links (Theater 1L)

Selection 10: Reference Library
Film vault, Festival Archive (Theater 6R)

Selection 11: Employee Lounge (enter at your own risk)
Restricted Area, Employees Only (Lobby 13)

Selection 12: Search Kiosk
Look for Search Tips

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