Film Scouts Fly-In Theater

Earth Attacks! Mars, look out. Make your travel plans now!

Pathfinder- Live from Mars!

Special Film Scouts Tribute to Star Wars:
Star Wars: A Generation Thing, by Jeremy Posner

Official Star Wars Trilogy Site

Special Presentation: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Interview with Dr. Peter R. Backus of the SETI Institute by Henri Béhar and Mayra Langdon Riesman

It's HAL's Birthday! Discussion: Could we build HAL today? Send a Birthday Card to HAL

Visit the site of the Arthur C. Clarke Internet Broadcast at or Call Holographer to see some of the highlights.

Links to Related Sites
The SETI Institute
Extrasolar Planet Search at SFSU
Atlas of Mars
The Pioneer Project (Jupiter, Saturn, and Beyond)
The Ulysses Mission (Solar Poles Study)
The Magellan Mission to Venus

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