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1995 Independent Feature Film Market Diaries
An Insider's View, Part V

by Matthew Mandell

The market is in full swing, now in its fifth day. Many people are beginning to feel the fatigue of the week, but most just hunker down and work the floors. Seems like things are looking up on the networking front. I got a notice in my mail box that there will be informal meetings of screen writers and buyers on Friday for about and hour and half. Now this is what every screenwriter here wanted, a chance to sit and talk, even if it is within a group setting, to discuss their project.

The film community in New York is not that big and running into people you know is common place. At the market this year I have run into numerous old friends and colleagues. One person of note was a classmate of mine at NYU grad who had a screening today. The film WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE directed by Todd Solondz won a first runner-up award from the Press at the Toronto Film Festival. I rarely take time out from pitching to see films at the market, but in this case I could not resist. The film was typically Todd and hopefully will find its way into the art house scene. (reviews are not allowed by the IFP)

The day ended with the much anticipated Sundance Party. Due to a printing mistake the invitation business was chucked and anyone with a market badge could get in. I got to the Puck Building early knowing that there would be a crush. I still had to wait on a long line to get in. It didn't take long for the room to fill up and make it difficult to move around and find those I'd promised to meet. But after a few beers, a plate full of cheese and crackers and some strange dumpling things which no one could identify the shmoozing began.

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