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1995 Independent Feature Film Market Diaries
An Insider's View, Part IV

by Matthew Mandell

September 20, 1995

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but I forgot to add more flyers to my bag and too boot I left my market badge at home. I got a replacement and had just enough flyers.

Remember I told you there was a problem with my network meetings. Well I went to see if they had come up with any. They had. I had an appointment with Laser Video Titre. I had never heard of the company. The assistant told me that they were a subtitling company. You should have seen the look on the faces when I said "you know what I have is a script." They said I should wait around to see if anyone failed to show for their meeting. No one did, I surely wouldn't have missed mine. So it seems that I will not have any network meetings. I'll live.

The hubbub outside the Angelica is not what it has been the past. The revelry, the wild costumes and the antics are missing. What once was a circus like situation is now pretty mundane. "More respectable," says market director Rachael Shapiro. It seems that more dignity will give the market greater stature. Maybe so, but I'll miss the painted moose dung , the fur covered cars and the showmanship. Things were so sterile today that even my posters we gone and hardly a new one was in their place.

So after a long day of dealing with the networking fiasco, checking out the new media area and pitching another 30 buyers, I headed off to the DGA party at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Now having been to this party last year I knew where the food platters exited the kitchen. Good thing because the waiters never got farther than 10 feet before being jumped by me and the other hungry attendees. After a few glasses of table wine the room was alive with everyone smoozing. Never missing an opportunity, I hit one buyer who side stepped me earlier, saying I'll see you at the party. Maybe he meant it or not, but there I has sipping the vino and sitting at a table telling him about Mayan icons and diving.

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