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1996 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Jerry (the usher)'s Magnifique Cannes Adventure, Part 4

by Jerry (the usher)

Anyway, she has this incredible place, right on the water. There's some
amazing villas around here; did you ever see "French Connection II",
it's like that place that "Frog 1" was at near the beginning... I hope
there aren't any drug deals going down here! It's so rich, it's scary...

So, she says "I want to go for a cruise", so I put on my bathing suit, there's
these pretty girls hanging out on her yacht, I can't believe the scene
I've lucked into, I feel like Cinderfella, what time is it?...

That's me, waving, and Régine (I think that was her name)
with her arm around me....

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