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I have some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views in QuickTime format:
"This Isn't New York?" with Jay Chandrasekhar on "Puddle Cruiser" (1.6mb)
"Take 2" with Jay Chandrasekhar on "Puddle Cruiser" (0.8mb)
"Python-esque" with Jay Chandrasekhar on "Puddle Cruiser" (1.2mb)
"Being Discovered" with Jay Chandrasekhar on "Puddle Cruiser" (1.3mb)
"Lost on the Net" with Gary Cole on "Santa Fe" (1.6mb)
"My Teen Years" with Vondie Curtis-Hall on "Gridlock'd" (1.1mb)
"Until It Wasn't Fun" with Vondie Curtis-Hall on "Gridlock'd" (1.0mb)
"Inspiration" with Vondie Curtis-Hall on "Gridlock'd" (2.9mb)
"Ongoing Change" with Vondie Curtis-Hall on "Gridlock'd" (0.9mb)
"Tupac: Man vs. Image" with Vondie Curtis-Hall on "Gridlock'd" (1.0mb)
"Quirky in Santa Fe" with Lolita Davidovich on "Santa Fe" (1.2mb)
"I'm Tara Fitzgerald" with Tara Fitzgerald on "Brassed Off" (1.0mb)
"Power of Community" with Tara Fitzgerald on "Brassed Off" (1.3mb)
"Flugelhorn?" with Tara Fitzgerald on "Brassed Off" (1.4mb)
"First Time" with Josh Hamilton on "The House of Yes" (1.0mb)
"Everyone's Welcome" with Josh Hamilton on "The House of Yes" (0.4mb)
"Internet Debut" with Lisa Harrow on "Sunday" (0.7mb)
"I Made a Film, And..." with Lisa Harrow on "Sunday" (0.7mb)
"Guess Who I Saw" with Lisa Harrow on "Sunday" (0.8mb)
"Invasion Forces" with Lisa Harrow on "Sunday" (0.8mb)
"A Bit Surprised" with Mark Herman on "Brassed Off" (0.7mb)
"Big Ambition" with Gill Holland on "Hurricane Streets" (1.5mb)
"Filming in NYC" with Gill Holland on "Hurricane Streets" (1.9mb)
"A Long Time" with Tina Majorino on "Santa Fe" (0.8mb)
"Happy Surfing" with Tina Majorino on "Santa Fe" (0.4mb)
"My Name Is..." with Jonathan Nossiter on "Sunday" (0.8mb)
"Words of Wisdom" with Jonathan Nossiter on "Sunday" (1.0mb)
"Cannes In Africa?" with Jonathan Nossiter on "Sunday" (1.1mb)
"Hello WWW" with Pete Postlethwaite on "Brassed Off" (0.3mb)
"Not Embarrassed" with Pete Postlethwaite on "Brassed Off" (0.8mb)
"Contemplated Script" with Ira Sachs on "The Delta" (1.5mb)
"Direction" with Ira Sachs on "The Delta" (2.2mb)
"Love, Art, & Free Food" with Brendan Sexton III on "Hurricane Streets" (0.6mb)
"Download it, Mom!" with Brendan Sexton III on "Hurricane Streets" (0.6mb)
"I'm Here in Utah" with Stephen Tompkinson on "Brassed Off" (0.5mb)
"Musical Experience" with Stephen Tompkinson on "Brassed Off" (1.5mb)
"Dinner Guest" with Mark Waters on "The House of Yes" (1.8mb)
"Personal Experience" with Mark Waters on "The House of Yes" (1.5mb)
"Stubborn Guys" with JosÚ Z˙˝iga on "Hurricane Streets" (1.0mb)
"Invitation to Utah" with JosÚ Z˙˝iga on "Hurricane Streets" (0.5mb)
"New Perspective" with JosÚ Z˙˝iga on "Hurricane Streets" (2.2mb)

I've also got these slides:
"Brassed Off"
"Black & White & Red All Over"
"Chasing Amy"
"Children of the Revolution"
More Slides
"Going All the Way"
More Slides
"Lewis & Clark & George"
More Slides
"Snakes & Ladders"
More Slides
"Love Jones"
More Slides
I've also got some clips from some of the films featured at the festival:
"Love Jones"
The trailer as QuickTime (6.9mb).

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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