Lewis & Clark & George

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Director Rod McCall, whose film Paper Hearts was in the dramatic competition in 1993, has taken a well-traveled genre, the road movie, and fashioned a distinctive and entertaining comedy adventure which features a compelling visual style and terrific performances. The strange tale of a search for a lost gold mine is the impetus for the journey of a couple of bickering fugitives across the desert landscape of New Mexico. Affer they are joined by a beguiling femme fatale (in a scene-stealing performance by Rose McGowan, who recalls the fabulous sex goddesses of classic Hollywood), the film becomes a stylized play of character and plot, with ever-shifting alliances, romantic entanglements, and duplicity.

In this inventive and inspired film, McCall displays an appreciation for B movies that will be a pleasure for those who can appreciate its mixture of comedy and allusions. Salvatore Xuereb and Dan Gunther are perfectly cast and totally believable as guys who are often clueless. And McGowan's mute performance of "Where the Boys Are" will certainly make the independent memorable film clips. Sharply written and directed, Lewis & CIark & George is a lighthearted treat.
- Geoffrey Gilmore

Directed by: Rod McCall
Written by: Rod McCall
Starring: Paul Bartel, Art LaFleur, Rose McGowan, Dan Gunther, Aki Aleong, James Brolin, Paula Sorge, Salvator Xuereb
Produced by: Dan Gunther, J. Todd Harris
Original Music by: Ben Vaughn

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