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1995 Telluride Film Festival Buzz
The Student Film Program

Producer Pierre Rissient, aways looking for new talent, enjoys the Telluride scene.

The Student Program at Telluride

by Kate Sibley
(Student Program Dean and 22-year veteran of the 22-year-old Fest)

The 1995 Telluride Film Festival Student Program was launched with 50 college graduate and undergraduate students and 2 Telluride High School Students on Thursday evening with an orientation meeting followed by dinner and a screening of Gary Fleder's debut film, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead.

Friday afternoon, the students met with Phillip Lopate (guest festival director), Ken Burns (director of Baseball and The Civil War), Bertrand Tavernier (French film director and critic), and Chuck Jones (veteran director of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons). The discussions were wide-ranging and passionate, and for the sixth year a new group of students was caught up in the excitement of "up-close-and-personal" encounters with some of the world's premier filmmakers and thinkers.

In the next three days the students will meet with John Schlesinger, Fred Weisman, Agnieszka Holland, Gus Van Sant, Vincent Sherman, and Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Kennedy and Marshall are the sponsors of this screening-and-discussion program, which is open to all college students through an application process.

Throughout the Labor Day Weekend, students will submit their thoughts for inclusion.

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