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1996 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
Gill Holland's Buzz #3

by Gill Holland

Wednesday, May 15th

This is the day of the spectacular Unifrance lunch at the Villa Toscana up in the hills overlooking Cannes. This is one of those events that couldn't be scripted better - swaying palms, the Maritime Alps, the blue water in the distance and next to the tables at the pool, the bamboo close at the foot of the slope...

Back at the ranch, I passs by the North Carolina booth at the American Pavilion and chat to the charming Paula Wyrick and Bill Arnold, and look at the huge number of films that are being done in that state these days. Afterwards I pass by the Scandinavian film office to get tickets to the Friday party for Liv Ulman's film "Kirstin Lavransdatter" which had an impressive debut in New York at the Asia Society as the headlining film in the Scandinavian Film Festival. The party on Friday coincides with Norway's independence day celebration, so it should be a swell event on their grassy lawn overlooking the Croisette. Later that evening, we drink beers with Parker Posey and Liev Schreiber and they drag me off to some Alliance party for "Daytrippers". I am introduced to John Huddles, director of Mr. Spreckman's Boat", which played recently to an enthusiastic crowd at the Genart Film Festival in Manhattan. We go from this event to the Lucian Pintilie film "Trop Tard" which is sure to win a prize, the male lead plays to perfection and the film is a thriller. The Miramax party for some Australian film (I think, after a while it becomes not so important what film the parties are for) on the beach is fun in a quieter way than the "Trainspotting" party, but there are the Seymour Cassel and Jimi Hendrix's bass player "sightings" and great dance music. Later around 3am, we bump into the "trees lounge" delegation and get to meet Steve Buscemi, who also has a key role in Altman's "Kansas City".

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