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Paul Sorvino

"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views, QuickTime:
"Losing Track" on "Most Wanted" (0.7mb)
"A Fun Role" on "Most Wanted" (1.7mb)
"Fatherhood" on "Most Wanted" (0.9mb)
"Keeping Busy" on "Most Wanted" (1.9mb)
"Focusing" on "Most Wanted" (2.4mb)
"Personal Joy" on "Most Wanted" (1.5mb)
"La Boheme" on "Most Wanted" (3.8mb)

Film Reviews:
Nixon by Karen Jaehne
Romeo + Juliet by Benjamin Ibrahim

Partial Filmography:
American Perfekt
Money Talks
Most Wanted
Romeo + Juliet
See Spot Run

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