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Once upon a time there were two book store owners. One was a passionate young woman who ran a small children's book store. The other was the owner of Manhattan's largest book superchain, a man whose enterprise could put every independent book store out of business. The man and the woman were natural enemies. But when they coincidentally - and anonymously - met in cyberspace, they accidentally fell in love.

"You've Got Mail" is a romantic comedy set in the age of e-mail. TOM HANKS and MEG RYAN star as Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly, two booksellers who face off against each other in real life even as they unwittingly romance each other via modem.

"You've Got Mail" re-teams director NORA EPHRON with Hanks and Ryan - all of whom collaborated on the 1993 box office hit "Sleepless in Seattle." Nora Ephron and DELIA EPHRON wrote the screenplay, suggested by the classic Ernst Lubitsch comedy "The Shop Around the Corner," which has a screenplay by Samson Raphaelson and, in turn, was based on the play "Parfumerie" by Miklos Laszlo. "You've Got Mail" is a Lauren Shuler Donner Production, produced by LAUREN SHULER DONNER and Nora Ephron. Delia Ephron, JULIE DURK and G. MAC BROWN are the executive producers.

About the Story...

Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly live and work blocks from each other on New York City's Upper West Side. They both buy groceries at Zabars; they pick their coffee up at the same Starbucks; they roam the same charming streets. Joe lives with a brilliant, hyperactive book editor, Patricia Eden (PARKER POSEY). Kathleen lives with a passionate, erudite newspaper columnist, Frank Navasky (GREG KINNEAR). Each believes life and love to be satisfactory -- until they meet each other in a computer chat room and begin conversing on e-mail.

Under the electronic pseudonyms NY152 and Shopgirl, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly find themselves confiding everything to their unseen computer correspondent - everything except their actual identities.

As friendship warms into affection on the Internet, Fox opens his superstore, the latest in the national chain of Fox Books, a few blocks from Kathleen Kelly's store, The Shop Around the Corner. With its discounts, huge inventory and espresso bar, Fox Books seems certain to put Kathleen's cozy neighborhood store out of business.

Kathleen inherited her shop from her mother, and it's been a community landmark for more than 40 years. Now, with her legacy and livelihood about to be destroyed, she confides in the faceless friend she has come to trust and value -- NY152. And Joe, who unexpectedly learns the identity of his unknown confidante, also discovers an unmistakable attraction to Kathleen in real life as well as on the computer screen. But how can he reconcile the passionate, witty and kind Shopgirl with the guarded Kathleen who hates Joe and everything his store stands for? How can he reveal himself without losing her?

"You've Got Mail" also stars a gifted ensemble including JEAN STAPLETON, DAVID CHAPPELLE and STEVE ZAHN, who enliven the community of Upper West Side denizens who surround Joe and Kathleen.

An impressive group provides top-notch technical contributions. JOHN LINDLEY, who photographed "Field of Dreams," as well as the acclaimed box office hit "Michael," is the director of photography; DAN DAVIS, who worked on "Michael," "Moonstruck," "Reversal of Fortune" and "Searching For Bobby Fisher," is the production designer; ALBERT WOLSKY, who won Academy Awards for his work on "All That Jazz" and "Bugsy," is the costume designer; RICHARD MARKS, who has received Academy Award nominations for his work on "As Good As It Gets," "Terms of Endearment," "Broadcast News" and "Apocalypse Now," is the editor; and GEORGE FENTON, who has received Academy Award nominations for his work on "The Fisher King," "Dangerous Liaisons," "Cry Freedom" and "Gandhi," is the composer.

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