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Cédric Klapisch's (Writer/Director) most recent film is the French box-office hit "Un Air de Famille," selected for the Rendez-Vous with French Cinema series this spring at the Walter Reade Theater. Klapisch attended film school at New York University and worked on short films in the US from 1983-85, first as a camera operator and then as a director. After returning to France, he directed a number of industrial films and documentary segments for French television. From 1987-89 he worked on several short films, one of which "Ce qui me meut" was nominated for a Cesar award, and won awards at the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals. In 1990, Klapisch made a documentary on the Massai people of Kenya for the French television network Canal+. Klapisch directed his first feature, "Riens du Tout," in 1992, and the film was nominated for a Cesar award. His second feature, the award-winning "Le Péril Jeune," was released in 1993. Recently, Klapisch completed two short films as part of an AIDS-prevention campaign. He also contributed, along with Spike Lee, Abbas Kiarostami and other internationally known filmmakers, a short film made with a Lumiere camera to the omnibus "Lumiere and Company," which celebrated the inventors of the movie camera on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the cinema. Currently, Klapisch is writing a script for a comic science-fiction movie tentatively titled "Peut-Etre."

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