U.S. Marshals: Synopsis

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While investigating a routine traffic accident, Chicago police obtain fingerprints of the injured driver that show he is wanted for the murders of two men in New York City. Their suspect, Roberts, is quickly located at the hospital, arrested and extradited to New York.

The prisoner transport plane from Chicago includes over a dozen other convicts, two of whom are being escorted by Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard. After the jet is airborne, one of the prisoners, having smuggled a gun on board, tries to kill Roberts. Missing its target, the bullet shatters a window and the plane decompresses and plunges into the Ohio River, killing many onboard. But the final tally of bodies reveals one missing-Roberts.'

Gerard leads the chase back to Chicago, then to New York City, where he uncovers Roberts' true identity-that of an ex-Marine Special Forces, ex-C.I.A. operative named Sheridan, who most recently worked as an undercover hired gun, a government 'kite,' without official federal ties.

Sheridan is being sought in the homicides of two diplomatic Secret Service attaches who were tracking a Chinese spy ring within U.S. government circles. With Gerard on his trail, the cunning fugitive finds himself trapped between a corrupt political conspiracy involving the Chinese and the United Nations and the dispassionate, masterful and relentless U.S. Marshal.

This time, Gerard's team includes the boyish diplomatic agent John Royce, assigned by federal authorities to the investigation. Royce's expertise in navigating serpentine government operations may be useful to the manhunt, but Gerard is still leery about adding an unknown member to his tight-knit team.

With his seasoned crew, and its new addition hoping to prove his worth, Gerard tackles one of the greatest challenges of his career, a life-and-death pursuit with twists and turns that even he cannot anticipate.

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