Two Girls and a Guy: About The Filmmakers

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Writer/director James Toback looks at the love triangle from an entirely fresh and modern angle in "Two Girls and a Guy." Toback has written and directed a wide range of feature films over the past twenty years and received an Academy Award nomination for his acclaimed screenplay "Bugsy," directed by Barry Levinson and starring Warren Beatty.

His first original screenplay "The Gambler," was directed by Karel Reisz and brought him international notice. He went on to make his directorial debut from his original screenplay "Fingers," starring Harvey Keitel. Controversial at the time, "Fingers" has gone to become a standard work in serious cinematic circles over the years, drawing accolades from figures as diverse as Francois Truffaut, R.W. Fassbinder and Quentin Tarantino.

Toback wrote and directed "Love and Money," "Exposed" with Nastassja Kinski, Rudolf Nureyev and Harvey Keitel and "The Pick-Up Artist" with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald. In 1989, he directed "The Big Bang," a non-fiction film which Entertainment Weekly chose as one of the best films ever made. His original screenplay for "Bugsy" not only garnered Oscar and Golden Globe nominations but won the Los Angeles Film Critics Award and the Premiere Medal for Best Screenplay.

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