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If Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy (Kevin Costner) had played it safe, he might have been on the pro tour instead of giving lessons at a driving range.

Had he played it safe, he might have been enjoying the good life with Doreen (LINDA HART),the owner of a profitable exotic dancing establishment--instead of losing his business to her on a sucker bet. If he'd played it safe he wouldn't be sacrificing his dignity to David Simms (DON JOHNSON), a PGA champ and longtime rival, by accepting a job as his caddie.

In Life's Own Majors Tournament, he might have used the seven iron to lay up instead of taking the "big dog" over the trees--which is to say, he might have settled for giving the lady psychologist (Rene Russo) golf lessons and never allowed his inner demons to lead him into the rough of falling in love with her.

But Tin Cup has never played it safe. And he's not about to start now -- even with his biggest professional challenge looming like a 260-yard three-wood over water with a 30-mile-per-hour wind in his face.

Warner Bros. and New Regency Pictures present a Ron Shelton Film: Kevin Costner in "Tin Cup," starring Rene Russo, CHEECH MARIN and Don Johnson, directed by Ron Shelton from a script by Shelton and JOHN NORVILLE. GARY FOSTER and DAVID LESTER are the producers and ARNON MILCHAN executive produces.

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