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On the streets of Los Angeles, a group of street punks are up to their usual rough stuff...except that suddenly they're using weapons that no one has ever seen or heard of before: high-tech, super-powerful devices that look like something from the next century.

Across town, in a far more private location, a power-hungry government agent gone bad is offering these same superweapons to the world's criminal masterminds. Now that criminals have seen the product demonstrated on the streets of L.A., they can compete to buy these devastating tools of destruction for their very own.

The only hope to thwart the dawning of this dark new day is a gentle giant who knows enough about the weapon to combat it. But to meet the challenge, he will have to remake himself, temper himself with fire and emerge toughened, emboldened and reborn as a victor for today and hero for tomorrow.

He will have to become Steel.

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