Scream: Credits

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Dimension Films Presents
A Woods Entertainment Production
A Wes Craven Film


David Arquette
Neve Campbell
Courteney Cox
Matthew Lillard
Rose McGowan
Skeet Ulrich
and Drew Barrymore

Music by Marco Beltrami
Edited by Patrick Lussier
Production Designer Bruce Alan Miller
Director of Photography Mark Irwin ASC, CSC
Co-Producer Dixie J. Capp
Co-Executive producer Stuart M. Besser
Executive Producers Bob Weinstein, Harvey
Weinstein and Marianne Maddalena
Written by Kevin Williamson
Produced by Cary Woods and Cathy Konrad
Directed by Wes Craven

                               in order of appearance                                     
                                   Casey  DREW BARRYMORE                     
                             Phone Voice  ROGER JACKSON                      
                          Casey's Father  KEVIN PATRICK WALLS                
                          Casey's Mother  CARLA HATLEY                       
                                  Sidney  NEVE CAMPBELL                      
                                   Billy  SKEET ULRICH                       
                            Mr. Prescott  LAWRENCE HECHT                     
                      Obnoxious Reporter  LINDA BLAIR                        
                           Gale Weathers  COURTENEY COX                      
                                   Kenny  W. EARL BROWN                      
                                   Tatum  ROSE McGOWAN                       
                               Mrs. Tate  LOIS SAUNDERS                      
                        Principal Himbry  HENRY WINKLER                      
                                   Dewey  DAVID ARQUETTE                     
                           Sheriff Burke  JOSEPH WHIPP                       
                                  Stuart  MATTHEW LILLARD                    
                                   Randy  JAMIE KENNEDY                      
                             Reporter #1  LISA BEACH                         
                             Reporter #2  TONY KILBERT                       
                             Hank Loomis  C.W. MORGAN                        
                              Mrs. Riley  FRANCES LEE McCAIN                 
                            Cotton Weary  LIEV SCHREIBER                     
                           Ghost Teen #1  TROY BISHOP                        
                           Ghost Teen #2  RYAN KENNEDY                       
                 Cheerleader in Bathroom  LEONORA SCELFO                                     
                        Girl in Bathroom  NANCY ANN RIDDER                   
                           Mask Reporter  LISA CANNING                       
                              Young Girl  BONNIE WOOD                        
                          Check-out Lady  LUCILLE BLISS                      
                           Party Teen #1  AURORA DRAPER                      
                           Party Teen #2  KENNY KWONG                        
                           Teen on Couch  JUSTIN SULLIVAN                    
                              Bored Teen  KURTIS BEDFORD                     
                           Girl on Couch  ANGELA MILLER                      
                        Stunt Performers                                     
                            Dane Farwell                                     
                          Kathy Marshall                                     
                              Noby Arden                                     
                          Christine Baur                                     
                               Clay Boss                                     
                       Christopher Doyle                                     
                             Frank Lloyd                                     
                          Allen Robinson                                     
                          Lynn Salvatori                                     
                             Lee Waddell                                     
                 Unit Production Manager  STUART BESSER                      
                First Assistant Director  NICHOLAS C. MASTANDREA             
               Second Assistant Director  LUCILLE OUYANG                     
                  Additional Director of                                     
                             Photography  PETER DEMING                       
      Executives in Charge of Production  CARY GRANAT                        
                                          RICHARD POTTER                     
                        Music Supervisor  JEFFREY RABHAN                     
                      Associate Producer  NICHOLAS C. MASTANDREA             
               Second Assistant Director  DANIEL K. ARREDONDO                
                       Script Supervisor  ANNIE WELLES                       
                            Art Director  DAVID LUBIN                        

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