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Teaming a cutting-edge American filmmaker with a charismatic international superstar, one of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies, and the patent-holder of stylish, operatic cinema, THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS possesses all the credentials to be the fiercest of an explosive new breed of film-one that brings Asian-style filmmaking and philosophy to America's mean streets.

The potent combination of Antoine Fuqua, creator of the legendary music video for Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise;" Chow Yun-Fat, dominant international superstar and gifted veteran of 70 films; Mira Sorvino, Academy Award® winner for her breakthrough performance in Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite and a student of Chinese studies at Harvard; and executive producer John Woo, who recently helmed two extraordinary American successes, Broken Arrow and Face/Off, brings to the screen THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS, a slick, compelling, visually enticing action thriller that introduces a brave new genre of cross-over motion pictures.

Written by Ken Sanzel and directed by Antoine Fuqua, THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS was shot entirely in multicultural downtown Los Angeles. A Brillstein-Grey Entertainment production in association with WCG Entertainment, the film was produced by Brad Grey and Bernie Brillstein and executive produced by Terence Chang, Christopher Godsick, and Matthew Baer with Michael McDonnell as co-producer. Also starring are Michael Rooker (Rosewood, Cliffhanger) as detective Stan Zedkov, and internationally renowned German stars Jurgen Prochnow (Das Boot) and Til Schweiger (Germany's Knockin' on Heaven's Door). Also starring are Carlos Gomez (Fools Rush In, Desperado) and Danny Trejo (Con Air, Desperado).

The story centers on Chinese immigrant John Lee (CHOW YUN-FAT), whose violent past as a professional killer brings him only remorse, but also makes him the ideal assassin. In exchange for the future safe passage of his family from Beijing to America, Lee takes a job with powerful underworld figure, Mr. Wei. He wants Lee to settle a deadly vendetta against police detective Stan Zedkov (MICHAEL ROOKER). The assignment, however, is so unspeakable that Lee would rather brave Wei's vengeance than go through with it. With the help of document forger Meg Coburn (MIRA SORVINO), who in helping him becomes an unwitting target herself, Lee races against time to outrun and outsmart Wei's army of killers. He also must struggle to prevent a tragic murder that strikes far too close to home.

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