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Adapted from Henry James' classic novel, THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY is a tale of a young American woman who challenges the confines of her sheltered would-be destiny on the hermetically closed American expatriate circuit in late 19th century Europe.

Set against a grand European background of splendid wealth and old-world sensibilities, and layered with contemporary resonance, the drama introduces the boldly independent heroine, Isabel Archer, just as she rejects a most lucrative marriage proposal in favor of her hunger to experience the world. Isabel's defiant refusal stuns her suitor, as well as the relatives with whom she is staying in England. However, an admiring male cousin, Ralph Touchett, secretly lends his support to Isabel's daring pursuit by convincing his dying father to leave her a generous share of his fortune. Yet Isabel's large inheritance does not bring her the freedom she so desires. Her headstrong innocence proves no match against the evil manipulations of a duplicitous friend, Madame Merle, who leads Isabel into an unfortunate marriage to a self-serving and devious dilettante, Gilbert Osmond. Isabel suffers gravely as a result of her disastrous choice made in the blind curiosity of youth. But after the dark truth behind Madame Merle and Osmond's web of deception and betrayal is revealed, Isabel awakens to a curious freedom. In emerging from the darkness of her folly, Isabel discovers her one true love in a fleeting but lasting moment that sends her forth in hopeful triumph, stronger and more selfless than she ever imagined.

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