The Adventures of Pinocchio: Technical Notes

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In addition to the role played by the Jim Henson's Creature Shop in creating the magic of The Adventures of Pinocchio, a number of other top special effects and high tech facilities were involved in the production.

The Magic Camera Company

The Magic Camera Company, which has been contracted to construct and produce the miniature sequences (such as the cavern and tunnel rid sequences) for The Adventures of Pinocchio, is one of the best known and most highly respected visual effects facilities in Europe. 90% of Magic Camera's work is 2-D image manipulation, and they are one of the largest UK users of Matador with six permanent licenses. Magic Camera is also currently working on such highprofile feature films as Othello, Wind in the Willows, and Muppet Treasure Island. The Pinocchio project was based at their Shepperton Studios under the direction of Jose Granell.


FrameStore was the first European location with Domino (the Quantel digital film optical system) and has recently completed many high profile projects, such as the James Bond "Goldeneye" main title sequence. Post-production on The Adventures of Pinocchio included approximately 44 composite shots which were made up of; blue screen compositing, rig removal, puppeteer removal, compositing of motion control elements, motion tracking, animation, and morphing. The main work was performed on the Quantel Domino using the new FST software, with other work being done on Matador software and Discreet Logic's Inferno. Drew Jones served as the post-production producer at FrameStore coordinating this project.


For The Adventures of Pinocchio, Medialab is making the Cricket, which is a character entirely created in animated 3-dimensional digital images. For this purpose, Medialab, which is one of the European leaders in the production of digital imagery, is dedicating to the movie a mix of different techniques, such as keyframe animation and the lipsync technique used in traditional animation. Presently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canal+, Medialab is also its "media kitchen" for digital imagery, interactive TV shows and user interface software.

Cinesite Digital Film Center

Cinesite (Europe) Ltd. was responsible for the composite shots for The Adventures of Pinocchio. This company combines state of the art technology with cutting edge techniques and offers expertise in every area of motion picture imaging and digital special effects for feature films, cinema and television commercials, games and theme park rides. With one of the largest 2-D and 3-D creative teams outside of the U.S. and over twenty interactive workstations, Cinesite's aim is to provide the world's best resolution. Cinesite's credits include Goldeneye, First knight, Lawnmower Man 2 - Beyond Cyberspace, The Englishman Who Went Up The Hill..., and many others. Gill Roberts served as the production development producer on this project.

Bibo TV

Bibo TV is one of the leading companies in high-end post production for commercials, documentaries, and feature films in Germany. For The Adventures of Pinocchio, Bibo created the high resolution special effects with their newly-developed system called "Toccata." With "Toccata," Bibo has access to a whole range of exclusive high-resolution tools, such as scanners, compositing software, and output devices. Most of the processing for The Adventures of Pinocchio took place at Bibo's new facilities in Berlin. Werner Bibo is the managing director and special effects producer for this project.

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