The Adventures of Pinocchio: Synopsis

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Geppetto (Martin Landau) is a lonely puppetmaker whose wooden creations are the only family he knows.

Years ago, he and his sweetheart Leona (Genevieve Bujold) carved their names into the trunk of an old pine tree in Hidden Valley. But Geppetto was unable to declare his love, and Leona married his brother instead. Now, the magic of Hidden Valley is about to change Geppetto's life.

One day, as he is traveling through the forest, a log from that forgotten tree-trunk finds its way into his wheel barrel. Surprised by this mystical offering, he is inspired to carve his most wondrous masterpiece - a puppet he lovingly names Pinocchio (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), who magically begins to walk and talk!

The next day, Geppetto shows an awestruck Pinocchio the city and introduces his creation to his one true love, Leona. But during this unforgettable stroll, the stringless puppet captures the attention of the evil showman Lorenzini (Udo Kier) and his cohorts in crime - Felinet (Bebe Neuwirth) and the dim-witted Volpe (Rob Schneider).

Lorenzini immediately recognizes the value of the treasure that has been created. He decides he must have Pinocchio at any cost and offers to buy Geppetto's marvelous puppet. But the woodcutter refuses to sell Pinocchio, who has become like a son to him. Meanwhile Pinocchio, determined to be a real boy, sets out on the kind of adventurous exploration one expects of small children. He follows Lampwick (Corey Carrier) and his classmates to school, where he joins the class and proceeds to get into a boisterous brawl.

when Pinocchio lies to the teacher, he discovers to his horror that with each new lie, his nose grows longer and longer. The sixteen-foot nose wreaks havoc in the classroom, and Pinocchio is quickly tossed out of school.

More trouble ensues when he playfully indulges his appetite at a local bakery. Pursued by the baker and his enraged wife, he topples carts and sends pastries flying. That night, Pinocchio is visited by his conscience, a witty, wisecracking cricket named Pepe (the voice of David Doyle) who has been sent to teach him the difference between right and wrong.

Unfortunately Pepe's warnings come too late. Arrested and ordered to make restitution for the damage his puppet has caused the baker and his wife, Geppetto is forced to give up his prized possession to Lorenzini, who pays the fine and makes off with Pinocchio.

At first, Pinocchio revels in being the star of Lorenzini's puppet extravaganza, until he learns that the showman plans to burn all of Geppetto's puppets in a fiery finale. He manages to escape, rescuing his father's creations in the process and leaving Lorenzini's famed puppet theatre in flames.

Taking refuge in the forest, Pinocchio encounters Felinet and Volpe, who cheat him of his wages from the puppet theater by taking advantage of his desperate desire to become a real boy. Tricked and betrayed, he then follows Lampwick and his companions to Terra Magica, a seemingly exciting amusement park where the magical waters of Hidden Valley turn mischief-makers into donkeys - to be sold at a premium by Lorenzini, the mastermind behind the park for bad boys.

When Pinocchio leads the others in revolt, Lorenzini falls into the magical waters and is transformed into a giant sea monster, and Pinocchio and his friends find themselves embarking on the wildest adventure of their lives.

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