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The terrorist has many faces. He can be the political fanatic intent on making a statement. He can be the mercenary seeking only financial gainor he can be just a man driven by his own personal demons.

In a remote section of Russia, two trains are on a collision course. One carries passengersthe other, nuclear weapons en route to be deactivated in accordance with the START nuclear disarmament treaty. Moments after the train crash, a 75 kiloton nuclear blast shatters the rural landscape, putting the world's governments on high alert and setting off an international manhunt, in DreamWorks Pictures' high-tech action thriller "The Peacemaker."

Dr. Julia Kelly (NICOLE KIDMAN), a nuclear scientist and the acting head of the White House Nuclear Smuggling Group, is the first to realize that this catastrophe was no accident and most likely the work of terrorists. But it is Colonel Thomas Devoe (GEORGE CLOONEY), an intelligence officer with the U.S. Army's Special Forces, who counters that it was actually part of a conspiracy to cover up the piracy of the train's nuclear cargo by profiteers. They are both right.

Joining forces, Kelly and Devoe find themselves in a clash of ethics and ideologies as they race to find a nuclear needle in the haystack of Eastern Europe. The pursuit of the hijacked cargo ultimately leads the two Americans back to their own homeland, tracking an unlikely terrorist who is driven by the most tragic and personal of agendas. As the bomb ticks down, Kelly and Devoe must orchestrate a complex, large-scale manhunt through New York City, targeting the terrorist before he can lash out at the heart of the Free World.

DreamWorks Pictures presents "The Peacemaker," starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman. Directed by Mimi Leder from a screenplay by Michael Schiffer, the film is produced by Walter Parkes and Branko Lustig, with Laurie MacDonald and Michael Grillo executive producing, and John Wells serving as co-executive producer. Pat Kehoe, Leslie Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn are the co-producers.

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