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MIKE FIGGIS (Director/Producer/Writer) garnered Academy Award nominations for directing and adapting the screenplay for Leaving Las Vegas, the powerful, disturbing story of unconditional love between a suicidal alcoholic and an empathetic hooker, starring Nicholas Cage and Elisabeth Shue. Cage won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film, which received a total of four nominations for the drama based on John O'Brien's semi-autobiographical novel.

Figgis' background in experimental theater and music have contributed to his reputation and success as a filmmaker who thrives on artistic risks. Although he has helmed such "mainstream" movies as Internal Affairs, the British-born Figgis exhibited his more eclectic, personal style in films like Stormy Monday and Liebestraum.

Born in Carlisle, England, Figgis lived in Nairobi, Kenya as an infant. When he was eight years old, his family relocated to Newcastle in Northern England. As a youth, Figgis played trumpet and guitar in various rock bands, including the rhythm and blues group Gas Board, featuring pop star Bryan Ferry.

Upon moving to London, he studied music for three years and began playing with The People Band, who recorded one album for Transatlantic Records which was produced by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. The People Band would later make a cameo appearance in Stormy Monday as the Krakow Jazz ensemble.

In the early '70s, Figgis joined England's foremost avant-garde theater group, The People Show, as a musician, but he soon found himself lured into acting. For the following 10 years, The People Show toured the world, earning great success and critical acclaim.

In 1980, Figgis left the troupe to concentrate on writing and directing theater, and formed his own theater company, The Mike Figgis Group. He crafted multimedia productions that incorporated an extensive use of film. Among his early projects, "Redheugh 1980," "Slow Fade" and "Animals of the City" won awards for their innovative blend of live action with music and film. "Redheugh 1980" caught the eye of England's Channel Four, which then financed Figgis' first feature film, The House, which starred Stephen Rea (The Crying Game).

Figgis' next film, Stormy Monday, marked his emergence into full-length features. He wrote, directed and scored the film, which was set in Newcastle's steamy jazz club world and starred Melanie Griffith, Tommy Lee Jones and Sting. Figgis then made an impressive debut in American film, directing and co-scoring Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and Andy Garcia.

Kim Novak came out of retirement to star in Figgis' follow-up to Internal Affairs, Liebestraum, a dark thriller directed and scored by Figgis. Additional directing credits include Mr. Jones starring Richard Gere and Lena Olin and The Browning Version starring Albert Finney, Greta Scacchi and Julian Sands. Figgis also wrote the HBO film "Mara," a 30-minute piece starring Juliette Binoche and Scott Glenn.

Figgis spent one month chronicling the behind-the-scenes life of the noted avant-garde artist William Forsythe of the Frankfurt Ballet for his documentary Just Dancing Around, which was financed by England's Channel Four. The one-hour piece began airing across Europe in late summer 1996.

ANNIE STEWART (Producer) produced the critically acclaimed Leaving Las Vegas with director Mike Figgis. Her longtime association with the director first began with their collaboration on Liebestraum, and she went on to work with him on Mr. Jones and The Browning Version.

Currently, she and Figgis are in pre-production on Death and the Loss of Sexual Innocence.

BEN MYRON (Producer) began his career in the film industry as an exhibitor owning and operating a chain of theaters in San Francisco Bay Area. In 1985, he produced a highly acclaimed independent feature Signal 7, which was directed by Rob Nilsson. Based on the success of Signal 7, Myron sold the theatres and devoted his energies to producing.

Most recently, he co-produced Showgirls with Joe Eszterhas and director Paul Verhoeven; Telling Lies In America, starring Kevin Bacon and Brad Renfro, which he produced with Fran Kuzui; and he served as executive producer on the upcoming Leave It to Beaver. Additional feature credits include Checking Out, City of Joy and One False Move, which was nominated for five Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Picture.

Myron is currently working on a variety of projects, among them Joe Eszterhas' wicked satire on the movie business, An Alan Smithee Film, which stars Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg and Jackie Chan. He is also in pre-production on Mr. Magoo, a live-action comedy based on the exploits of the classic cartoon character.

ROBERT ENGELMAN (Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager) has served as producer for such smash hits as The Mask and Mortal Kombat. His feature credits also include Kazaam, Man's Best Friend, Deadfall and Mr. Nanny.

Engelman's range of experience is broad, having served in numerous capacities on a wide variety of motion pictures and television projects. He has co-produced for Wes Craven and worked alongside such acclaimed directors as Herbert Ross and the late Anthony Perkins. Engelman earned credits as first assistant director on Wes Craven's Shocker, Herbert Ross' Steel Magnolias, as well as The Tender, Full Moon in Blue Water, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Program to Kill and Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.

As second assistant director, Engelman contributed his skills to the box office hits Footloose, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, The Border and That Championship Season.

His television credits include serving as producer and production manager for "The Bambi Bambenek Story," the telefilm "Woman with a Past" and "Frankenstein: The College Years."

DECLAN QUINN (Director of Photography) previously collaborated with director Figgis on Leaving Las Vegas. Among his film credits, Quinn shot Louis Malle's Vanja on 42nd Street, All Things Bright and Beautiful, The Ballad of Little Jo, Blood and Concrete, The Kill-Off and A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 6.

Quinn, who is one of the industry's leading cinematographers in the commercial and music video arenas, was honored with a Cleo Award in 1991 for his work on MTV's AIDS campaign. He has also worked on campaigns for Coca Cola, L'Oreal, Amstel Light, Bank of America, Kellogg's, Macy's, Sears, Wendy's and British Petroleum.

Quinn has lensed music videos for a variety of international recording artists, including REM, U2, L.L. Cool J, Whitney Houston, Van Halen, Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry.

WALDEMAR KALINOWSKI (Production Designer) reunites with Mike Figgis for One Night Stand, having previously worked with the director on the films Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs, Liebestraum and Mr. Jones. Kalinowski's additional film credits include Powder, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Boost, Disorganized Crime and Rough Magic.

Born in Austria and raised in Warsaw, his wide range of professional activities have included a research project for the first NASA lunar landing in 1969, as well as a series of performance art and video projects in the mid '70s. He has also appeared onscreen as an actor, making his feature film debut in Heaven's Gate. More recently, he appeared as a mobster in Leaving Las Vegas.

Kalinowski is married to set decorator Florence Fellman, and the two have worked together exclusively as a production designer-set decorator team since 1984.

JOHN SMITH (Editor) edited the Academy Award-nominated Leaving Las Vegas and collaborated on the BBC documentary "Westwood on Liberty," which was also directed by Mike Figgis. He has also collaborated with such top feature film directors as Michael Mann and Hugh Hudson. Smith's company, Whitehouse Post Productions, which he founded in 1990 with Rick Lawley and Andrea MacArthur, has emerged as one of the most successful and prestigious film editing houses in London.

Smith began his editing career at Posthouse Post Productions in the United Kingdom, working predominantly in commercials. He has edited numerous award-winning campaigns for such products as Levis Jeans, Volkswagen, Volvo and British Airways.

ENID HARRIS (Costume Designer) designed the costumes for the feature films Til' There Was You, Father of the Bride II, Fire With Fire and Commando.

In 1992, Harris earned a Cable Ace nomination for Best Costume Design for her work on The Disney Channel's "The Ernest Green Story." Her additional television credits include the "Trail of Tears," "Letter to My Killer," "The Four Diamonds," "Spies" and "Apology."

LAURA GOLDSMITH's (Costume Designer) costume designs have been featured in a variety of films including Leaving Las Vegas, Foxfire and The Lesser Evil. For television, her credits include "Museum of Love," "A Stranger to Love," "River of Rage" and "Dying to Love You."

Goldsmith served as wardrobe supervisor on such films as Nell, Imaginary Crimes, Holy Matrimony, Liebestraum for director Figgis, and Born in East L.A., among others.

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