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Writer/director Bart Freundlich makes his film debut with "THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS," starring Noah Wyle, Julianne Moore, Hope Davis, Blythe Danner, Roy Scheider, Michael Vartan, Laurel Holloman, Arija Bareikis, Brian Kerwin and James LeGros. Produced by Good Machine, Eureka Pictures and writer/director Freundlich, the film had its world premiere at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.

"THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS" is the funny, sharply observed tale of an uneasy and emotionally charged New England family reunion. From the outside, they seem like a perfectly normal American family. But it's been three years since they have gathered together. Now the four adult children, Warren (Noah Wyle), Mia (Julianne Moore), Jake (Michael Vartan) and Leigh (Laurel Holloman), are finally returning home for Thanksgiving to their eccentric, self-absorbed father (Roy Scheider) and their gentle mother (Blythe Danner). And, as if tensions weren't strained enough by this reunion, Mia and Jake bring along their significant others (Brian Kerwin and Hope Davis), and Warren is contacted by the ex-girlfriend (Arija Bareikis) he has been pining for.

First-time writer/director Bart Freundlich finds comedy and pathos in the edgy moments that break out unexpectedly between family members, cracking the fragile veneer of family life. In an atmosphere of enforced holiday togetherness, the group is forced to face its hidden truths. With wit and sly observation, Freundlich gradually uncovers the secrets and resentments that lie under the handsomely composed faces of his stellar cast and the ravishing images of cinematographer Stephen Kazmierski.

For anyone who has survived a tense Thanksgiving with their family, "THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS" will be a deeply familiar and vividly moving experience.

"THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS" was produced by Mary Jane Skalski, Tim Perell and Bart Freundlich. The executive producers are James Schamus and Ted Hope.

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