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Hal: I was planning on having Thanksgiving with my family, not my family and all the people involved in each one of their lives.

Roy Scheider's filmography includes two Academy Award nominations for his roles in The French Connection and All That Jazz. Mr. Scheider's credits also include Klute, Jaws and Marathon Man. On stage, he has appeared in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of "Romeo and Juliet" and has received an Obie Award for "Stephen D" and a Drama League Critics' Award for "Betrayal" (opposite Blythe Danner).


Lena: Your father likes to tell me that it's something only in a Mother that allows her to love that way...unconditionally.

Blythe Danner's filmography includes The Prince of Tides, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Alice and The Great Santini, and she recently completed Edward Burns' Long Time Nothing New. On Broadway, Ms. Danner has appeared in "Sylvia," "Moonlight," "Blythe Spirit" and "The Philadelphia Story." She garnered a Tony Award for "Butterflies are Free" and received Tony Award nominations for "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Betrayal" (opposite Roy Scheider).


Warren: I happen to have spent the day with someone who I like a lot and makes me feel happy...You should try it sometime.

Noah Wyle's film credits include Swing Kids, A Few Good Men, Crooked Hearts and There Goes My Baby. He has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards for his work as Dr. John Carter on NBC's "ER." The show itself has received two Emmy Awards and consistently been rated in the top 10. On stage, he starred opposite Peter Berg in "The 24th Day."


Mia: Jesus, can't you ever let things be uncomfortable? Everything has to be status quo, no one can ever fight in front of you or anything, instead you have to make up these stupid generic questions that mean nothing. It would be better if you would yell or even insult someone.

Julianne Moore is currently being seen in the record-breaking sequel to Jurassic Park, The Lost World. She has also appeared in a wide range of films including Safe, Nine Months, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Short Cuts, Assassins, Vanya on 42nd Street, Surviving Picasso and upcoming, Boogie Nights, and The Big Lebowski for the Coen brothers. Her theatrical work includes the American premieres of both Caryl Churchill's "Serious Money" and "Ice Cream/Hot Fudge."


Daphne: So there came a point like a year ago when I was lying in bed and I thought about you and I didn't think about that night, I just thought about you and how you loved me, how you always told me, and I always believed you.

Arija Bareikis has performed extensively on the New York stage and in regional productions. Her television credits include appearances on "All My Children," "Another World" and MTV's Joe's Apartment. Bareikis recently played a lead role in an episode of "Law and Order" and she is currently appearing on Broadway in the Tony-nominated "The Last Night of Ballyhoo."


Jake: Do you think you have to have had a healthy family life to have a successful relationship?

Michael Vartan has appeared in Fiorile, Un Homme et Deux Femmes, The Pallbearer and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. He was nominated for a French Caesar Award for Best Up and Coming Actor.


Margaret: I'd like to sleep with your son...Jake I mean...Sleep in the same room as him I mean. Please.

On film, Hope Davis has been seen in The Daytrippers, Mr. Wrong, Kiss of Death, Home Alone and Flatliners and upcoming, Next Stop, Wonderland. On Broadway, she has appeared in "Two Shakespearean Actors." Ms. Davis' Off Broadway credits include "The Food Chain" and "Pterodactyls."


Leigh: Well you're lucky you didn't drive 'cause you probably would have gotten in an accident...I mean Elliot would have had trouble seeing down the road with you spread eagled on the dashboard and all.

Laurel Holloman starred in The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love; her other film credits include Prefontaine, Blossom Time and The First to Go, and upcoming Boogie Nights. Her stage credits include "The Glass Menagerie," "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and "Equus."


Elliot: Yes, I agree. Mustard is difficult to understand and is overwhelming unless...unless just the right amount is applied and unless it is honey mustard.

On film, Brian Kerwin has appeared in Love Field, Torch Song Trilogy, Murphy's Romance and Jack. His stage credits include "Raised in Captivity," "Torch Song Trilogy" (for which he received the Drama League Award for Outstanding Performance) and "Strange Now" (for which he received the Critics Award for Best Actor).


Cezanne: If you stand on your head twice a day for two minutes at a time your memory will improve.

James LeGros has appeared in over 34 feature films in a wide variety of roles. His films include Safe, Living in Oblivion, Drugstore Cowboy, Gun Crazy, Boys, My New Gun, Singles, The Rapture, and Point Break.

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