The Mummy: The Look of the Mummy

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When it came time to dressing the actors in The Mummy, the producers went to acclaimed costume designer John Bloomfield. While the bulk of the film is set in 1923, Bloomfield didn't restrict himself to only using period costumes. Bloomfield felt that in a film like The Mummy the most important thing was to help tell the dramatic story, so he was much more interested in what the characters would want to wear as opposed to just picking out clothes from a museum archive.

Bloomfield says, "Stephen's interest in the costumes was not so much from a character point of view or in terms of historical accuracy; he wanted the whole thing to look good and to look right. I'm not saying the costumes aren't accurate, I'm just saying that what you look for is the thing that will best sell your point of view in the story."

He adds, "When we filmed the Giza Port sequence at the Chatham Docks we had hundreds of costumed extras. With that sort of situation, you're looking for an ensemble, something that will fit in completely and sell the idea that you really are there. We wanted costumes that weren't too obtrusive so that they always blended into the background nicely, but ones that had an interesting mix."

As for dressing Fraser as Rick O'Connell, Bloomfield wanted a very striking look. Something slightly laid back, but very heroic.

"In a way it's unreal because there's no way a guy would go around with shoulder holsters like that but, for me, it just sells the story," says Bloomfield.

For the character of Evelyn, Bloomfield went for absolute extremes. She starts off as a museum librarian, looking quite sedate but still very beautiful. Then she removes her glasses and lets her hair down.

"That's when I give her a much more dramatic look-the lacy black outfit contrasting with her beautiful skin which looked very sexy," says Bloomfield.

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