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When a stolen gem lands in the possession of bumbling millionaire Quincy Magoo (LESLIE NIELSEN), a sinister plot is hatched to steal it back. Perpetually the target of evil culprits, Magoo consistently manages to escape unharmed, totally oblivious to the dangers that surround him. Hunted by robbers and set up by a conniving female thief (KELLY LYNCH), Magoo ultimately nabs the real villains with the help of his nephew, Waldo (MATT KEESLAR), and his trusty bulldog, Angus, and is hailed a hero, in Walt Disney Pictures' live-action family comedy, "Mr. Magoo."

Walt Disney Pictures presents the all-new, live-action "Mr. Magoo" retaining all the wacky spirit of the 1960s cartoon classic, but full of fast-paced action, sparkling humor and high-flying stunts from director Stanley Tong. This hilarious comedy featuring the thrill-packed, side-splitting antics of the lovable but bumbling Mr. Magoo is complete with Waldo and dog Angus. It is also brimming with intrigue, CIA and FBI agents, international jewel thieves and assorted bad guys, all on the prowl for Magoo and a priceless ruby, which the clueless Magoo doesn't even know he has in his possession.

Mr. Magoo is up against the glamorous, dangerous and sultry Luanne Leseur (Kelly Lynch), the lovely but ruthless international jewel thief who, along with her dim-witted sidekick, Bob Morgan (Nick Chinlund), sets-up Mr. Magoo, steals, loses and recaptures the priceless Star of Kuristan ruby for their boss-evil mastermind Austin Cloquet (Malcolm McDowell).

Chasing the bad guys who are chasing Magoo and the ruby are scruffy, accident-prone FBI agent, Chuck Stupack (Stephen Tobolowsky), and slick CIA operative, Gus Anders (Ernie Hudson), both of whom are hot on the wrong trail. Stacey Sampanahoditra (Jennifer Garner), Waldo's love interest, is the foreign representative trying to hide the ruby's theft from her government and master criminal, Colombian mobster Ortega "The Piranha" Peru (Miguel Ferrer), who wants the egg-sized gem as a gift for his bride-and will stop at nothing to get the precious stone.

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