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CHRIS TUCKER (Friday, The Fifth Element) and CHARLIE SHEEN (Hot Shots, Major League) team up for New Line Cinemaís new lightning-paced action-comedy about a petty con artist who is catapulted from obscurity to celebrity overnight when he is wrongly accused of planning a deadly prison break. Now everyone wants him -- dead or alive -- and the only person who can save him is a headline-grabbing television newsman in search of the ultimate sweeps week exclusive.

Dodging irate customers, out-witting loan sharks and staying one step ahead of the law is second nature for Franklin Hatchett (Tucker), a smooth-talking ticket scalper who charges premium prices for seats located in the nose bleed sections. When Franklin is arrested, he finds himself on a chain gang handcuffed to Villard (Gerard Ismael), a vicious international diamond smuggler. On the way to County Jail, armed gunmen commandeer the bus, and Franklin becomes a reluctant hostage in Villardís renegade escape from custody.

After his overzealous killing spree, Villard is just about to dispose of the only remaining eyewitness, when Franklin manages to break free and escape. With a trail of dead prisoners and police officers scattered across the highway, Franklin is fingered for the savage escape. Now he must find a way to clear his tarnished name, which is no easy feat since both Villard and the LAPD want him dead.

With no one to trust, Franklin turns to television newsman James Russell (Sheen). Despite imminent wedding plans with his beautiful fiancÈe, Grace (Heather Locklear), James canít resist the job-saving scent of a network promotion and a way to impress his rich future father-in-law, Guy Cipriani (Paul Sorvino). All he has to do is land this exclusive "cop killer" story.

But thereís a price to be paid for fame, and James soon finds himself ducking bullets, toppling from tall buildings and being held ransom when he should be attending his wedding rehearsal. Money Talks careens into a series of hair-trigger escapes involving fast cars, fat diamonds, a deadly game of hide and seek and an explosive finale at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

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