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A holiday comedy from director Nora Ephron, Michael stars two-time Academy Award nominee John Travolta as a heaven-sent angel who is pursued by a team of tabloid journalists. William Hurt, Andie MacDowell and Robert Pastorelli co-star as the inquiring minds who have seen it all - ghosts, UFOs, even Elvis. But nothing has jolted them like Michael, who has appeared in Iowa complete with razor stubble and wings. With his heavenly philosophy about life and beyond, Michael turns naysayers into lovers and makes believers out of cynics. The film also features memorable performances by Bob Hoskins, Teri Garr and Jean Stapleton.

When rumor of Michael's existence reaches the National Mirror, washed-up journalist Frank Quinlan (Hurt) smells a page-one scoop. True or not, it's his job to track down this alleged angel, and bring him back to Chicago in time for Christmas.

But his feisty boss (Hoskins) won't let him go it alone. He sends Quinlan on assignment with angel expert Dorothy Winters (MacDowell) and Huey Driscoll (Pastorelli), another jaded reporter who would have been canned years ago had he not rescued Sparky, a mongrel that has become famous as the paper's prized mascot.

As the trio travels to Iowa, each believes the trip is a colossal hoax until they come face-to-feather with Michael. He smells like cookies, acts like a playboy and tosses off miracles when everyone least expects them. As Quinlan and Dorothy search for the incontrovertible proof they need not to believe in Michael, Michael sets out against all odds to get Dorothy and Quinlan to believe in each other.

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