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                    Darius Lovehall  LARENZ TATE              
                        Nina Mosley  NIA LONG                 
                     Savon Garrison  ISAIAH WASHINGTON        
                      Josie Nichols  LISA NICOLE CARSON       
                          Hollywood  BILL BELLAMY             
                        Eddie Coles  LEONARD ROBERTS          
                      Sheila Downes  BERNADETTE L. CLARKE     
                         Marvin Cox  KHALIL KAIN              
                      Troy Garrison  CERALL DUNCAN            
                          Publisher  DAVID NISBET             
                      Roger Lievsey  SIMON JAMES              
             Model (Lievsey Studio)  OONA HART                
                        Lisa Martin  JAQUELINE FLEMING        
                   Nina's Assistant  MANAO DeMUTH             
                      Tracey Powell  MARIE-FRANCOISE THEODORE 
                    Reginald Gibson  HIMSELF                  
                      Percussionist  KAHIL EL ZABAR           
                            Bassist  DARRYL "MUNCH" JONES     
                        Saxophonist  TEODROSS AVERY           
                             Porter  EVERETTE DEAN            
                        Savon's Son  BENJAMIN LeVERT          
                Tiki Room Bartender  JOHN M. WATSON, SR.      
                Sanctuary Bartender  WILLIAM YANCEY           
                         Male Model  ERNEST PERRY             
                     Woman on Train  HELENA ECHEGOYEN         
                        Malik Yosef  HIMSELF                  
                        Taxi Driver  TROY BORISY              
                     Kissing Couple  MICHELLE POOLE           
                                     KEVIN BELL               

                        The Sanctuary House Band                           
                     TEODROSS AVERY  Tenor Saxophone                           
                        JEFF PARKER  Guitar                           
                        MARK SHELBY  Bass                           
                         CARL ALLEN  Drums                           
                              Wild Hare Band                           
                CHARLES CAMERON AND THE SUNSHINE FESTIVAL                           
                Associate Producers  MICHAEL CALDWELL         
                                     JAMES GIOVANETTI JR.     
  Executive in Charge of Production  CARLA FRY                
         Executive in Charge of
                    Post Production  JOE FINEMAN              
              Production Supervisor  THOMAS J. BUSCH          

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