Lost Highway: Credits

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                       Fred Madison  BILL PULLMAN             
                      Renee Madison  PATRICIA ARQUETTE        
                                 Al  JOHN ROSELIUS            
                                 Ed  LOU EPPOLITO             
                         Party Girl  JENNA MAETLIND           
                               Andy  MICHAEL MASSEE           
                        Mystery Man  ROBERT BLAKE             
                        Guard Henry  HENRY ROLLINS            
                         Guard Mike  MICHAEL SHAMUS WILES     
                          Forewoman  MINK STOLE               
                              Judge  LEONARD TERMO            
                         Guard Ivor  IVORY OCEAN              
                  Guard Johnny Mack  JACK KEHLER              
                     Doctor Smordin  DAVID BYRD               
                    Warden Clements  GENE ROSS                
                        Pete Dayton  BALTHAZAR GETTY          
                     Captain Luneau  F WILLIAM PARKER         
                 Prison Official #1  GUY SINER                
                 Prison Official #2  ALEXANDER FOLK           
                        Bill Dayton  GARY BUSEY               
                     Gandace Dayton  LUCY BUTLER              
                               Hank  CARL SUNDSTROM           
                                Lou  JOHN SOLARI              
                            The Dog  JACK                     
                               Carl  AL GARRETT               
                              Lanie  HEATHER STEPHENS         
                          Steve 'V'  GIOVANNI RIBISI          
                              Teddy  SCOTT COFFEY             
                             Sheila  NATASHA GREGSON WAGNER   
                            Girl #1  AMANDAANKA               
                        Junkie Girl  JENNIFER SYME            
                              Arnic  RICHARD PRYOR            
              Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent  ROBERT LOGGIA            
                       Assistant #1  MATT SIGLOCH             
                       Assistant #2  GIL COMBS                
                   Tail Gate Driver  GREG TRAVIS              
                    Alice Wakefield  PATRICIA ARQUETTE        
                               Phil  JACK NANCE               
                             Marian  LISA BOYLE               
                             Raquel  LESLIE BEGA              
                      Porno Star #1  MARILYN MANSON           
                      Porno Star #2  TWIGGY RAMIREZ           

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