Liar Liar: Credits

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                     Fletcher Reede  JIM CARREY               
                       Audrey Reede  MAURA TIERNEY            
                          Max Reede  JUSTIN COOPER            
                              Jerry  CARY ELWES               
                              Greta  ANNE HANEY               
                      Samantha Cole  JENNIFER TILLY           
                            Miranda  AMANDA DONOHOF           
            JLIdge Marshall Stevens  JASON BERNARD            
                      Dana Appleton  SWOOSIE KLRTZ            
                          Mr. Allan  MITCHELL RYAN            
                       Kenneth Falk  CHIP MAYER               
                       Richard Cole  ERIC PIERPOINT           
                              Skull  RANDALL "TEX" COBB       
                               Jane  CHERI OTERI              
                               Pete  S W FISHER               
                              Randy  BEN LEMON                
                            Zit Boy  JARRAD PAUL              
                          Ms. Berry  MARIANNE MUELLERLEILE    
                   Lady in Elevator  KRISTA ALLEN             
                     Police Officer  STEPHEN JAMES CARVER     
               Beggar at Courthouse  DON KEEFER               
                   Beggar at Office  PAUL ROACLIE             
                   Detective Bryson  RANDY OGLESBY            
                       Restroom Man  CHARLIE DELL             
                              Pilot  JIM JANSEN               
                           Co-Pilot  TERRY RHOADS             
                  Tow Yard Employee  MICHAEL LEOPARD          
                             Skycap  CHARLES WALKER           
                           Mechanic  ED TROTTA                
                              Baili  ERNEST PERRY, JR.        
                        Court Guard  SKIP O'BRIEN             
                                Cop  TONY CARREIRO            
                          Publicist  AMANDA CARLIN            
                      Cole Children  MATTHEW MJCHAEL GOODALL  
                                     SAMANTHA HEYMAN          
                               Fred  ANTHONY LEE              
                   Sharpo the Clown  ERIC SHARP               
                               Lupe  CHRISTINE AVILA          
                 Playground Teacher  HOPE ALLEN               
                       Stenographer  CARRIE ARMSTRONG         
                             Deputy  CRAIG BARNETT            
                   Flight Attendant  BRANDI BURKETT           
                     Macho Attorney  CHARLES EMMETT           
                        Directed by  TOM SHADYAC              
                        Produced by  BRIAN GRAZER             
                         Written by  PAUL GUAY & STEPHEN MAZUR
                Executive Producers  JAMES D. BRUBAKER        
                                     MICHAEL BOSTICK          
            Director of Photography  RUSSELL BOYD, A.C.S.     
                Production Designer  LINDA DESCENNA           
                        Film Editor  DON ZIMMERMAN, A.C.E.    
                   Costume Designer  JUDY L. RUSKIN           
    Score Composed and Conducted by  JOHN DEBNEY              
                         Casting by  JUNIE LOWRY JOHNSON, C.S.A.
                                     RON SURMA                
            Unit Production Manager  JAMES D. BRUBAKER        
           First Assistant Director  JOSH KING                
          Second Assistant Director  MARCEl A. BRUBAKER       
              Production Supervisor  TINA L. FORTENBERRY      
                           Theme by  JAMES NEWTON HOWARD      
                   Music Supervisor  JEFF CARSON              
               Second Unit Director  MICKEY GILBERT           
          Visual Effects Supervisor  ION FARLIAT              
            Visual Effects Producer  ROBERT STADD             
                       Art Director  RICHARD A. TOYON         
                      Set Decorator  RIC MCELVIN              
                    Camera Operator  DON REDDY                

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